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Download CCleaner 3.20.1750 - FileHippo.com
Check everything except wipe free space. It takes forever to run that one function. Keep running CC over and over till it's down to zero items found. On my w7 lappy it gets down to 3MB left in the browser. That's ok too.

Find Junk Files - CNET Download.com
Run once (maybe twice) then empty out the trashcan. You'll be surprised at what it finds.

Best Free PC Registry Cleaner Software Download. Fix Errors Now!
Even though CCleaner has a reg cleaner, it doesn't hurt to run another one. Run once.

Best Free Registry Defrag Software Download
You'll be surprised at how much defraging the reg will perk up you machine. Run once.

ESET :: Get a FREE Online Virus Scan
It will have to download some files to work off of but it's cool. Just follow the prompts. Also if you want one of the best antivirus programs out there, this is it. The price belies the power behind it.

ComboFix Download
This is a no holds barred, romp and stomp virus scanner. Only get this from the above link. It makes backups on its own then runs.The page it shows at the end is gibberish to first time users. Don't fret over it. If you need to know what it's saying just copy and paste it and we'll run through it.

How to Use Stinger | McAfee Free Tools
Click the link on this page and follow the prompts. Once you get set to run it leave the settings just like you found the except add c: to the directories to scan. That makes it look at everything on the C: drive. Run once. Takes a while to finish. This is another romp and stomp virus scanner.

Get the free version. Run the update if it doesn't tell you to when you run it. Run once.

Disk Defrag - Best Free Defrag Software For Your Hard Drive
Back to auslogics to get the best drive defrager out there. These are the cats that made the defrager windows uses. But their inhouse version leaves that one in the dirt. Theres 2 modes you can use. One is a simple defrag and the other is to optimizes the files. It places all the files in order. Windows will scatter files and parts of files all over your drive where ever it finds a blank spot. Makes for a sluggish drive response time. Note: If you run the optimize function do it when you have nothing else you're going to need your machine for. It takes a good while to get the drive straightened out. Fire it up and hit the rack.

For you more advanced computer enthusiasts, being able to shut off unused or unwanted services will show a marked improvement in over all performance.
If you have no experience in editing services then DO NOT, DO NOT even think of trying this. If you disable the wrong service you could find yourself locked out of your system. You have been warned.

Although it's better to run scans in safe mode some of the listed programs will not run in safe mode. Make sure you disable your screen saver if you have one running.
After running each program reboot your machine. It's a pain I know but some of the final steps of some of the programs run at boot up.

Oh and running these programs say every two weeks will keep you ahead of the game.
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