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here is what I do first I generate a backup of my valuable data then run pc cleaner and delete the data but what about the fan which is an important part of our pc or laptop I don't know how to clean it.
And yes, one thing can be done too if you have the software you use only for your work then software testing is very necessary that we should do timely it improves our pc.

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Thanks for your reply It helped a lot. Otherwise I was going to IT consulting companies in Australia.
LOL.... not serious about that leaf blower comment!
Just get a can of canned air that you can get in office/pc stores, be sure Not to let the fans spin when you blow them off and keep the can upright. You should block the fans from moving. I use those plastic zip ties, if you connect them the opposite way from what you normally do to zip tie something....you'll be able to re-use them again because they do not lock and do that "zip" thing
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i have heard of using leaf blower before. only in really old super dirty units. what Joe C said about using ties is a good thing. keeps from damaging the fans from overspeed,
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