PC and VCR recoring.

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Ive been looking for this through a lot of sites, but still didnt find a answer.
Does anyone what is required to get the video from VCR which is in PAL system, and getting it back on the tape but in NTSC?
Thanks in advance.
Just wondering, why would you want to do that, get it from tape and put it back on tape???
There is a difference in systems that VCRs can play, i got tapes in PAL but i need them in NTSC because the VCR wont play it.
Oh, I see. I cannot help you there, you can get a video converter and hook your VCR up to your PC if thats what you are trying to do.
Yeah.... thats about the only way I know how. They have some instructions on how to do this at thescreensavers.com if you wanna check it out.
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