Password protecting a CD

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if your wish is to Protect a CD with a password then the answer is yes, some burning programs allow this option.. If you want to ONLY protect a specified FOLDER then it isn't possible as far as I know.. you can hide it ;).. I know programs who can password protect folders, but I guess that the sec the folder leaves the computer the protections is gone.. well, I'll check on it for you and will be back with an answer ;) in the midwhile, be more specific with your wish so I can help better...
cheers m8 :B
thank you for your attention. Can you tell me some burning software which allow this option. is it available in nero? it will be more helpful if individual folders can be protected.
If you're archiving information that is of a sensitive nature then there's really only one way to ensure it's safety. Encrypt the information before you burn it to the CD. Yes.. Win Zip has some limited encryption ability but it's Mickey Mouse at best. Try PGP ware. PGP stands for Pretty good Privacy. With PGP you can even set the encrypted files so that when they are decrypted, they can't be rewritten in unencrypted form. Burning those files to CD will limit you in one aspect of PGP. PGP has a setting that destroys the original file and encrypted file upon being properly decoded and read. This feature will not be available on any permanently written media. One other little footnote about PGP is that it can be encoded to allow decryption by multiple users. There is a public key and private key used respectively, for encryption/decryption. If you intend to encrypt files for your buddy you use his public key to encrypt. Once you've encrypted the file not even you can decrypt that file unless you have your buddy's private key. Last I checked government encryption was either 128 or 256 bit. PGP is capable of roughly 2048 bit encryption. BONUS!! It's freeware!!
i think winzip is a good solution, but this encryption softwares changes the original file. is there any other solution which permits password protecting CDs ?
this is a pretty commond question: "CAN I password protect my cds?"...

*first, you can compress the folder or files to an executable file, burn it, and then make some auto-run or something for the cd.. the executable files can be password protected -this is my favorite way and the best password protecting way..

*You can buy or use the limited version of Password Protection System - CD Edition (PPS-CD).. with this you can password protect even single files, and EVEN give the protection an expiration date.. click HERE to enter the publisher's site..

*There is a program called MediaSecure which can password protect a CD ROM.
encryptX Corporation has provided the following comments: "Our software allows you to encryptX CD-Rs, CD-RW, DVDs, and many other types of removable media. All of the functionality is resident on the media and DOES NOT require the recipient of the CD ROM to install software on their desktop. We wrap the sensitive information with a permission control based protection wrapper that allows you to define what operations other users can perform on the data, such as READ ONLY, Decrypt, Add, Delete, Modify, and share with other users, and time expiration."
click HERE for more information.

*also, Encryption Plus® CD-ROM is ideal for a wide variety of secure publishing and information distribution applications. Protect confidential price lists, sales data, engineering data, technical support material, or other business information as you publish it on CD-ROM media for personnel in the field or in remote offices. Encryption Plus® CD-ROM is used by companies worldwide to secure everything from engineering schematics and monthly brokerage reports to mass-mailed software demos that include an encrypted version of the full program for purchase. click HERE for more info..

well, choose anyway you would like.. this should be fun :cool:
you are most welcome to tell us about the journey once it is done.. :)

cheers m8, good luck.
Ok, i had tried all these and finaly come to a conclusion that my old good *Winzip* is the better soluton (not the best). Actually my problem was while reading a CD which is ziped & protected with Winzip the files are extracted (and stored) to the hard disk. i can't find a solution to this. is any?
are you using XP..?
anyways, I can't really understand.. they are extracted without showing any sign of protectin? you aren't being asked for a password? or, what?
i am using win 2000 .
no,here(in the Winzip) the problem is not with the password.
the problem is that while reading the content they are stored in my hard disk(extracted to the temp directory). they remains in my hard disk even after the cd is removed and i have to manualy delete all these files.
microsoftne wrote: "Try PGP ware. PGP stands for Pretty good Privacy."

Can you post the link to the download?

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