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Okay, i have a problem with my HDD, when i got the computer (it's a Dell) there was a ten gig partition that Dell made as a backup i got rid of it because i didn't need it, but i cant get it to merge with my main partition. I need help! My Hard Drive is a Fujitsu and i have a picture of disk management



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To add to the list, you can use Parted Magic (also free). I used it about a week ago to move my entire windows partition and then resize it (make it larger, in my case) to "suck up" some empty space on the HDD. You could do the same. Keep in mind you'll probably need the install/repair disk handy as you'll probably have to correct the MBR so that it knows where the windows partition is so it can boot properly. Or you could just format that 10GB partition to NTFS and use it for file storage if you want.