Panasonic Toughbook CF-P1 pocket PC


Beta member
Hi Everyone,
Is there anyone out there that can help me with my
Panasonic CF-P1P3CDZ6M handheld toughbook, it has a SIM card holder behind the battery and a speaker mic on the front and you have the option to set the unit to have the speaker phone option but if you put a SIM card in it the card is not picked up and the unit does not have Checknet on it or the signal strength icon at the top of the screen and under Panasonic settings-Available devices it lists Wireless Lan and bluetooth but not GPRS (MC45).
Is the SIM card/GPRS faulty and that is why it is not being picked up and Checknet is not registering or installing if you carry out a full re-set.
Or does the unit not have GPRS and if so can it be upgraded I have a second unit that I can use for the bits I have dismantled and put this unit together many times.
Can anyone out there help me