Pairing RAM with one that is soldered on the motherboard


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Hey guys,

My laptop is the ASUS F556UA-UH71, and its motherboard number is the X556UAK. It has 8GB of RAM soldered on the motherboard itself with the following specs: DDR4 2400MHz, timing: 15-15-15-35. Mind you, even though it's rated at 2400MHz, it runs at 2133MHz due to the processor, which doesn't support frequencies higher than that (i7-7500U). There is an expansion slot and I wanted to expand it to 16GB, not only because of the work that I do and some light gaming, but also to experience the performance benefits of a dual channel setup.

So I did some research to find compatible RAM sticks. If I go with a 2400MHz stick, the best timing that I could find is 16-16-16-39. So my best bet is to go with a 2133MHz, and the best timing on those are 15-15-15-36. Actually, there aren't too many options available for me, the only two that I can choose are the G.SKILL Ripjaws F4-2133C15S-8GRS or Corsair Value Select

My question is, will I run into problems by installing one of these sticks, due the different, but similar timings compared to the one that's soldered on the motherboard? Will the difference in frequencies cause problems, even though the 7500U doesn't support higher frequencies than 2133MHz and the one on the motherboard is rated at 2400MHz?


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You shouldn't have any issues due to the timing/speed difference, it'll all just run at whatever is slower. There are two problems i can forsee:
A. you'll find it's not actually soldered to the motherboard, which means, you'll need a 16GB stick of ram to replace the old 8GB stick,

or B. if it is actually soldered to the motherboard, there is probably not a slot for adding memory.

if you haven't opened it up yet, i'd suggest doing that before you go and buy the memory, because i've never heard of anything having soldered memory AND being expandable/user-serviceable ...