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I can't ever access for downloads support etc. I have no other problems with my browser. I have done a lot of registry changes etc. I reinstalled windows a few times, no help. I gave up on it months ago but now I'm trying again. works for some reason but can't email them. Thank you
I dont mean to be rude but is your copy leagle? or a pirated version?

Some non-legit copies of XP will reject the request, that is, if you're using that. Either that, check your privacy/cookie settings as the Windows update/Micro$oft site requires them.

Next check for any firewalls/popup killers in place or just don't use any HTTP proxies.
i have the same problem , my windows update wont load but it only started after i restored a earlyer copie of my reg, cuz i have a connection problem and that was the only way to fix it, my windows is not illegal, its windows 98se .. i realy need to fix this problem or else i can never update my windows. this is the 1st time in 4 years that this has happened, i would like anyhelp , thanks - Spider
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