P4...giving wierd issues


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I have a p4 MB, I dont have it here so I cannot give the model of the board.

P4 2.8 GHZ
512 MB of Ram
120 Gig Hard Drive

Everything is brand new. I install windows, and the computer would jam up at first, but the second time it let me install windows. After a day or so, I would get system file corrupted error...repair windows at the first screen by pressing R. The computer would jam when I first try to install windows again...after a few attempts it let me repair, but didnt work. I put a new Hard drive in, and im getting these same wierd issues. I thought that I should try more grease on the Processor. Im sure if I was here I could get the temp of the Processor but I dont have it here. What do you guys think?


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Maybe its faulty ram..That really is an odd problem, but if it was the ram I dont think it would even let you turn on correctly..


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Well Ram would be a good guess. I have had ram give wierd boot problems. That is the only thing that is not new. I will try and post back!