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I know this MUST have been brought up before but i couldnt seem to find it through search function.

My Brother used to work at home, on his computer, but he moved his office into my older bro's to get away from my house's environment. He got a Router and ADSL Internet, And he wants to get a P2P Program running (Warez P2P). It won't connect. Is there any trick for getting a P2P program to work on a Router? Or is it something to do with the firewall or somethng?

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nope theres no trick it actually should work by defaults.

but just as an FYI.. get rid of WAREZ.. that is the worst P2P program on the net.. that program itself its spyware and was built by hackers.. I used to have it and after a month of downloading crap.. i got soooo many trojans and spyware just from that program (not from downloading) that the program actually stoled alll my music, videos, pictures off my computer then delted itself right in front of my eyes.. now tell me thats not some crazy shit.

I highly highly recommend not to use that program .. expecially if hes using that computer for his business... not a good idea at all for him.

just have fun cleaning out the computer weekly and hoping you don't get the trojans i recieved from it. and also the weird thing about it my dad and my brother (all different houses) had the same problem with that program.. it stoled all their shit and removed itself.


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I've never gotten one virus, spyware, or adware program since i got Warez 6 months ago.

Ok well thanks anyway ill keep in mind your opinion on it.