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Ok bascially this is the deal. A wild cat had attacked a group of poeple, a hunter, and his wife with a camara, their two dogs and mule. Well apparently the cat had ticked of the mule. So the mule handled teh sitution.

Here is the mule at the start of the attack.

Here it is taking care of business.

The cat is pretty much dead here

Its done

The end, you gotta love those dogs, they are just sitting there like "Gee that mule took care of the hard work for us :)"

I never knew a horse, or a mule could do such a thing, maybe they are better protectors then dogs, they took on a wild cat well the dogs sat and watched.

O BTW the guy never got a shot off, I don't think he felt a need too.

Maybe if any other cats was watching they'd figure out "Erm we better not attack that mule again."