Own the previous picture!


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Hi guys.
Just saw a similar thread on another forum and thought I'd share this game with u.
So basicly the title says the rules. U need to own the previous picture.
Like this.

poster number 1:

poster number 2:

A bomb disposal robot owns a bomb

poster number3: ... etc etc

u get the point? And ofcourse the funnier it is the better. :)

I'll start with the bomb disposal robot



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A computer geek can dismantal or interfear with the robots commands and possibly take control of it! :p



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and mammikoura, you should have posted chuck norris or somethign to defeat the geek. lol that'd be funny


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War sub distroys battle ship

We posted at the exact same time so i will go again

Ugly whore with wire cutters clips wires to switch