Overlord Tempest x270oc 27" IPS 117hz 1440p / 2560x1440


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East Coast, US
Bought this just before Overlord went out of business for my girlfriend who rarely used it(and why I'm selling it). I myself have one as well, amazing monitors. This particular one should go up to at least 117hz(when I tested it last)so if you're not familiar I'll include the few step process on how to get it there along with the program you need and the settings I used. I'm sure you could probably play with the settings and get it higher. It doesn't have any marks that I noticed when I looked it over, it's been sitting unused for awhile and in the same spot. So it should be basically like new. Comes with all the original stuff, including the box, wires, etc. Shipping depends on where you're at. But insurance is definitely going to be required.... it's a monitor and I don't trust shipping companies. eBay is selling them used for 500, so 425(+shipping) and it's yours. If it doesn't sell here shortly I'll just put it up there. Anyway, feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Payment: I accept PayPal only, or cash in hand. Comes from 23294.

If you're interested in pairing it up with a complete gaming PC, head on over here:

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