Overclocking help needed.


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Alright guys, I want to overclock my Q6600 on stock HS and fan to somewhere around 3-3.2GHz. I got the tuniq tower 120 but i will be installing it after two weeks, till then i want to OC it on the stock HS and fan.
My temps from core temp are
Core 0: 45C
Core 1: 40C
Core 2: 38C
Core 3: 43C

Well these are the temps at idle and looks a bit high :(
Core temp reports the VID as 1.3250v (looks bad again)
I've got another prob. Even though i didn't overclock my cpu, wix xp, core temp and cpuid report the frequency to be 2.41 GHz (267.28x9) but the bios reports it to be 2.4 GHz. There are false reading with my memory aswell, it is reported as being 401 MHz as opposed to 400 MHz.

Any suggestion on whether i should overclock now to 3-3.2 GHz or wait until i install the TT120? And what do u guys have to say about the false info being reported in Core temp and cpuid? Plz list the voltages required as i am not a pro in this area.

I will be OC'ing myvideo card(it has got a custom cooler designed by palit (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3505263&CatId=1826) as opposed to the reference design by nvidia. The stock settings of the card are core clock 600/ memory clock 1800 MHz . I don't want to OC it to great heights, 650/1900 MHz should be fine. What do u guys reckon? What should be the fan speed be set to. Its 43% right now. I am using n tune for it.
Thanks for your help. My build is in the sig.


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I safely overclocked my Q6600 to 3.0Ghz with no problems, but the temperatures were a bit too high for my taste. Check out both my threads on overclocking them and the Tuniq Tower. I've got a bunch of other overclocking threads, too.

Just click my name and search for threads posted by me. You'll find useful info in these.

I'd recommend waiting until you install the Tuniq, but you *could* try some overclocking right now. I'd wait since your idle temps are a bit high.

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Here's a guide for you, this is my overclock of a Q6600 on a P5K

I wouldn't go past 3.0GHz on a stock cooler myself. Even at 3.0GHz keep your eye on the temps, I'd rely on Real Temp for this. The temps below were taken using Core Temp and a Zalman 9700NT cooler.

Your idle temps seem a little high, so keep an eye on them.

EDIT: The VID is the normal voltage for that cpu, 1.325 is not too bad, there is conjecture that the higher the VID the better the chip will overclock, as I've never had another one to try i can't say if it is true or not.

Don't worry about small +/- .1v/MHz inaccuracies, you will find they vary according to voltage fluctuations