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Here's the deal, all my audio goes through the HDMI on my video card. But, I was wondering if there's a way to output certain programs to the audio out on my motherboard. I've searched for an answer to this and can not find one. My reasoning is when I play Starcarft 2, I want that audio to go through my HDMI, but I want voice (through digsby) to go through my headphones on the motherboard sound. I know Starcraft 2 has an option for selecting audio output for the voice, but the in game voice hasn't worked for me and my friends for a couple weeks. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks for your reply Mak, but i actually found a way. I set my motherboard audio up as the "default communication device." This allowed digsby to automatically transfer voice to my headphone, and still have every other program go to HDMI. :big_smile:
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