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Hey Guys,

Here is my problem. I am trying to help my Dad save a pst file for his Outlook. The problem started when he attempted to start Outlook (2007), and got the error about not being able to open the pst file. So I used the scanpst.exe to attempt to fix it, but at phase 6/8 it just says its encountered and error and closes without fixing the corrupted file. At the moment I have put in a older file (Dad backs up everyday), the pst file I am using right now is from 3/19/2010 (12:00 pm~), this file was about 2 hours before the problem started (Im assuming that the influx of emails after was the straw that broke the camels back). Now here is where it gets weird, when I attempt to unpack the backup (its rar), it unpacks a much smaller file (the corrupt one is about 400mb, the backup one from 2 hours before is 200mb) I have no idea where that other 200mb went lol. On top of that it asks me to overwrite the 200mb backup with a bunch of smaller files, but together they do not add up to >200mb. I do not know what to do, the backup does not seem to have all the information it should have on it, and I cannot seem to debug the currently corrupt file. If you guys have any ideas/suggestions I would be welcome to try them. Thanks again guys!

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