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ok i have noticed this recently and its on allot of my emails that have attachments, a friend of mine sent a email that i know is safe with a attachment on it , and OE wont let me view it, It says this when i open the email "OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail" now i dont know how to set outlook express to stop doing this, i have anti virus and if files are infected i can check them, how do i unset this?? this use to never happen and i have old emails with attachments on them that i already viewed and now i cant see them no more either!!! wtf??? like OE is dictating what i can view and what i cant.
in OE, just go to tools -> Options -> Security

uncheck the option that says: "Do not allow attatchments to be saved o opened that could potentially be a virus."

That should do it.
thanx €cniv that worked :) i wonder if there is options in that same area that will let me into the sites that i havent been able to get into.
sofraven, if you are using Internet Explorer, just go into Tools / Internet Options / Click on the Security Tab / set your security to a level that you are comfortable with. If your security is set to high however, you won't be able to access some sites due to Java, ActiveX plugins and other things that can be harmful to your computer...

Also, some sites (Banks, Finance, Other important stuff) require 128-bit encryption, you can see what level of encryption your browser has by clicking Help / About (i think) and it should let you see what level you're at. You should perform a "Windows Update" to see if this componant is availible for downloading :)
i did all that u said shan but some of the pictures are nothing but a box with a x inside it, i have noticed that, like in €cniv's last reply , if i look at it at the bottom of his reply, right to the left of his AMD athlon 64 logo i cant see it!! it is just a outline of a box with a little box in it with a red x on it. i use to be able to see this stuff , could this be why i cant get to some sites? i think my isp has upggraded security and it changed something, and i would like to change it back.
It's ok. I'm showing a box with red x in Ecniv's signature as well, what happens sometimes, is when a website loads pictures, it pulls them off of the server(s), IE can not find that particullar file(s). When that happens it means either the server is down, or that files isn't there. So it's nothing to do with you or your isp. :)
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