outlook express problems GRRR

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I had gotten a virus that ate all my stationary from outlook and now I am realizing that I have also stoped getting email from certain programs I do what I am trying to do is delete outlook completely and then reinstall.

Well I deleted outlook6 and all its folders and then when I restarted my computer there was outlook 5. why was it still there when i had deleted all outlook folders?

I reinstalled 6 hoping that my stationary would also come back but no stationary came back and all my old messages were still there in outlook GRRR how can I get rid of the old outlook so I can reinstall the new and start over?

any ideas what to do with this one?
"why was it still there when i had deleted all outlook folders?" you didn't just DELETED outlook's folders, right?

maybe reinstalling outlook in an other location..?
maybe deleting it's registery before reinstalling?

anyway, I hate outlook... I've used it for some years, but when Worm_Klez appeared it was impossible to work with outlook (auto-downloading the messages context)... try moving to msn-messanger (using Hotmail's mailbox)..
I/m using XP Pro and it's amazing how quickly I've forgotten what Win 98 looks like! I consider myself an "intermediate" user as far as computer knowledge is concerned and I NEVER manually edit the registry unless I am 100% sure of what I am doing. I use System Mechanic to clean my registry on a regular basis, so get hold of that or something similar (there are heaps of registry tweaking programs around that use a wizard type interface). I don't know why the old outlook express 5 would be there, but assume your registry needs cleaning of old outlook express entries. Try that and then re-install outlook express 6.
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