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I have two accounts in Outlook Express on my XP OS. Over the last few weeks, my mail has been duplicated into both accounts and a copy is also being put in my bulk mail folder (that's three copies of everything). I have a Hotmail account as well as an account with my cable ISP. I send most of my mail through the ISP provider address. I have changed my filters to try to eliminate all the spam but I'm recieving more and it's going into all accounts. I spend more time deleting, then reading. Any suggestions or software to clear this up? I can't forward mail from either account to the other so that won,t work and the spammers have learned to get past my message rules by constantly changing the "from" and "subject" lines. Help
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Get a traceroute utility (several are available from download.com). Now, trace that spam! From there, find the first legitemate company that is connected in the delivery of said evil-email. Visit their website and look for an anti-spam policy. If they have one, compose a polite email and send it including the spam-o-gram and the traceroute path that you got. You probably won't get a response due to the volume of mail these companies get, but know that you're email will not go ignored.

If that company doesn't have an anti-spam policy, move up the line (closer to your ISP) until you find one that does.

If everyone were to do this, we could probably greatly reduce the amount of spam out there.
Spam Killer

There are also all sorts of spam killers that can stop the junk mail coming in. I have not had to much fun with Mcafee's Spamkiller because it has to scan your mail before you can look at it. It seems to take forever at times.
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