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We still have the issue here at Maines with bloated and unnessesary OST files in Outlook 2000 with our laptop users, it seems that once you setup the offline folders for these users by default under the Outlook offline folder settings the inbox, deleted items and sent items are syncronized and are not allowed to be un-checked, this is where the problems lies, to make responsible the user for cleaning up these folders is not a solution, they either don't care or claim they do not have the time, my question is how to keep this OST file managable? once it gets to large Outlook begins to lock up and cause problems. What are my options? As always, thanks.

we "blow away" the OST file on a daily basis for these guys (sales force)....I do it at least twice a day, but then the problem comes when it re-creates itself, I mean right after you delete it, it wants to sync up when the user exits out of Outlook, (which I think you can change that option)...but anyway the info sooner or later is gonna get synced up, and with the salesforce dialing in at 56k it becomes very painful for them...

I guess it all comes down to training these guys on the following

Un-check the option “Save copies of messages in sent items folder”
Configure the option to “empty the deleted items folder on exit”.
Save attachments to another location.
Clean out “Sent Items” folder.
Empty the “Deleted Items” folder
Create “Personal Folders”
Add the “Size” field to your inbox
Create rules to move messages automatically to personal folders.
Auto Archive

One quick note, we did try the archive option but that failed as well, trying to show these guys where to find there archived e-mail was no joy either, and it seemed that when I configured the PST to point to another folder and rename it to the "username" of that salesman Outlook still wanted to create an archive deep within the c: drive..... not sure why that was happening???
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