OS Reboots When Detecting New Hardware

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I have recently bought the Stylus 300 Digital Camera by Olympus, and when I attempt to connect it to my computer through USB, (so XP will detect the new hardware) my operating system spontaneously reboots itself, just as if I have hit the reset button on my tower. When my computer fully reboots, I can try to view the “camera” from the Device Manager, under the Universal Serial Bus controllers (USB), only to see that there is a yellow circle with an exclamation point in it. I have uninstalled that device, and have tried running the “Add Hardware Wizard,” but when I am prompted to once again connect my camera to the computer, it reboots itself again; (a split second before the reboot, I see the infamous “blue screen” flash, so I’m sure there is a conflict somewhere between the computer, the USB port, or my camera). I have tried using each of my 4 different USB ports and I have the same problem for each one. I have also tried to run the “Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard,” but my digital camera model (Stylus 300) doesn’t appear on the list under the corresponding manufacturer. Can someone please help me, your wise-ness, expertise, and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Have you installed the included CD with your camera before plugging the camera in? If so, the only thing I can think of is looking for windows updates and perhaps updated motherboard drivers to solve the USB conflict.
hmm,....thats funny.when i connect my digicam via usb,xp detects it automatically as removable drive.
sometimes you have to install the device prior to plugging it up. I know it goes against regular usb installations, but give it a try.
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