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Just curoius, anyone here attempted to make an OS before? I did but playing with ASM all day doesnt make you feel better about your life :)
hahah, there was one guy back a while ago, i forget his name or post or anything. But he was really wanting everyone here to help in developing an os. It's pretty funny. If i can find the post i'll edit this and add the link :)
Thats ineteresting :)
I dont like any of the current file systems :)
If i had a file system, everything would be open source, source files would be ran by a interpreter and no compiling. :D
Wow. This is very interesting. I think I'll definetly put many of my dislikes about windows on his wbesite. I wonder how this is to come out...

I wonder how much experience he has in programming...
ok if anybody is going to make a OS, don't make it the way microsoft does. Junk XP. i should rename it. it takes the hell out of a healthy machine.
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