Origin PC Overclocks 6-Core i7-980X to 4.3GHz

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But I like the smell of burnt electronics :facepalm:

Lol well it's not for you! Then again you're pr0 at OCing with the guide and stuff
Not totally true, dirk. If you're a noob at overclocking, you would rather buy the pre-oced one.

But is the 25-50mhz worth another $30? You wouldn't even notice it, which is why overclocked gpus are a waste of money IMO, unless its the only version you can buy.
Some of the overclocked stuff usually does end up being the same or similar price to reference stuff, because people tend to not touch them because of high prices.

However, the overclocked ones (sometimes) have the tendency to have more potential than the other ones. (I guess those are nitpicked ones?)
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