Orange 3G MOC Datacard(s)

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Hi all,

We've been having a few problems with one of these 3G MOC (Mobile Office Card) cards made by orange, and it's even stumped their support guys for last wk or 2.

The problem starts after installation. The card will work perfectly after an install, connecting / disconnecing, etc. After a reset tho it all goes to hell, the card refuses to work at all. The only cures for this so far is either
a) comlete re-install of the software, then it works as above until a reset, then back to sq.1
b) re-seating the SIM card. Physically removing the MOC card form the laptop, SIM card from the MOC card and re-sitting it, then replacing the MOC card. This will get the card working until a restart.

I cannot for the life of me remember the error code and the laptop is out on the rounds today :/

Running a Dell d610 latitude

Things tried:

newest ver. of software (older version worked better)
thier tech support (waiting on a reply this week)
different 3g MOC cards (same model)
re-assigning the com ports
one or 2 other minor things

If anyone has ever experienced this problem or a similar one with a diff card, any ideas/advice/fixes, they would be much appriciated.

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