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I started having a little mouse problem so I decided to download some new software and drivers for my optical mouse because I lost them on a reinstall. I had no problems until this flutter and erratic movement which we all know will eventually drive you batty. I am now trying to uncorrupt my system from that Wisetech software and drivers garbage. I should have known when the site disappeared and I had to pay to download drivers. My system even warned they were untested by MS and might cause immediate and future problems. Well I did anyway, and suddenly processes corrupted and although I quickly removed what I could, problems continue and my system restore couldn't go back to a pre- install checkpoint. Unless someone can help soon I will have to do a O/S (XP) reinstall because my system resources are now fighting to take over my CPU usage, with nothing running. This is like a virus and possibly could be since my firewall gave me an attack warning, but didn't identify it. I have run chkdsk/fix, a registry clean and restore with no positive result. I need supergeek, are you out there?
first of all, tell us (the supergeeks ;)), what kind of mouse it is.. oh, and maybe the place where you downloaded the drivers from, so we will be able to check it.
also, enter http://housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_corp.asp and check lively for viruses.
and one last thing you can do for now is, go to desktop -> right click on my computer -> properties -> device manager -> and check if there is some kind of a light fixture or a yellow exclamation mark.. if there is, what is written near it?
Checked device manager at getgo, no problem. My original MS p/p mouse was still listed without a driver update or back up. At least I'm starting to think after I screw-up.

Bought a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer last night. Woke up at 2AM mad, and unable to sleep, pulled out that worthless Wisetech and put my old MS scroll mouse back in until I get delivery of new optical. Slept till 6am, still mad and just finished a complete clean reinstall at 10AM. Just happy I had made back-ups only last Friday of everything not stored online.

Driver Guide didn't have drivers, and guy said he needed a buck to keep site up (found site on google, didn't save for obvious reasons). I checked Ebay and thier are still alot of these mice being sold.

Think I'll take weekend off before trying to setup dual boot with this clean XP install and Mandrake. Any advice that would save me anymore flustration will be appreciated. I can't convert my NTFS back to Fat32 and look to encounter some problems, but who needs sleep?
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