Operating Systems


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Before I ask this I would like to make it known I am not trying to crack or hack an operating system... I would like to use my old computer to run multiple operating systems so I can test stuff on them and in case I ever need to utilize them for any other purpose. I have friends that have the discs for the OS I need, the question I have is, is there a way for me to install OS other than Linux obviously, that don't require authentication or a key or what have you. I know microsoft's utilization of product keys but I have honestly never installed a mac OS I have only used them. Is it possible to install these versions of windows without having to use the keys just for testing purposes? Like if I just don't connect them to the internet and do the genuine validation or whatever. Which is still probably considered pirated software or something but I would really just like to have a copy of it to test on not to use.... not sure if anyone can answer that for me but if so I would be greatly appreciative.


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One possibility is to install a version of Windows but not activate it. You will have 30 days before Windows will require activation. At that point if you choose not to activate, you should remove it. That should be long enough to test whatever you need to test.