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Is windows XP home edition the best? I wonder why windows 98 is still so expensive? I see prices of $90.00 for either one
What is the idea going around for the homes editions...?
Professional is always better.
I'm not willing to pay for a professional windows version. Looking for something cheap. Just wondering why XP and 98 are the same price? I'm female so, I know nothing about nothing.
The diffrence in price might be upgrade vs full. Microsoft prices upgrades cheeper expecting that you have bought MS products before. You should go with XP it is far more reliable than 98 SE.
I think XP is horrible! Go for Windows 2000 pro/server, doesn't really matter much if you're just an internet end-user. But if you like colors, and flowerly stuff, then go with XP. XP is way too fancy, and it slow down many of my steps when I use the computer.
I think win2000 pro is faster than winxp.

Also microsoft may launch a new version of OS in the end of 2002 or starting of 2003.

So try to get win2000 pro from somebody (this might be a part of Software piracy. But this is just for a temporary period till MS launches thir new OS).

But if u want fancy things in ur system and if it is the latest system configuration go for "Win Xp Pro" and try avoiding "Win Xp Home". My friend has lot of problems with win Xp Home and i have no problems with my WinXp pro.

My system config is old !!!,
Pentium III 600 MHz,
256 MB RAM,
20 GB HDD,
and so on....

and winxp pro is smoother.

A word, if ur system has 256 MB RAM atleast, a faster HDD and a good qualith AGP video card with atleast 8 MB video RAM, then win xp pro or any other MS OS can run smoothly.
okay, lets spell out somethings here.

microsoft has developed these operating systems for key market groups.

windows 2000 - designed for small business use. can be used as a server. complex setup (although not as bad as NT4) and maintenance. extremely stable. extremely compatible with previous versions of windows.

windows 2000 server - essentially the same as windows 2000 but with a lot more back end support for multi-ring networks. more supportibility for DNS and WINS networks. designed for use with multiple server boxes.

windows XP home - designed for the home user. windows XP uses the basic kernel as windows 2000 so it is relatively just as stable. windows media player built in for ease of use. in a nutshell, this has all the perks necessary to garner the interest of the average home user...those being...ease of setup, simplistic file management, built in support for various file types using microsoft products (which are thereby easily updated through windows update), a built in firewall...etc etc

windows xp pro - essentially the same as home, but with more windows 2000 services built in. meaning more control in a multi user environments.

all three are stable operating environments, with distinct advantages based on what market group you fit into. if you are the type that is looking for a plug and go kind of operating system, XP home edition is for you. if you're a power user that has a lot of experience in windows environments, then Windows 2000 will suit you perfectly. if you find yourself somewhere in between....XP pro or 2k are both valid choices...but I'd stay away from XP Home Edition.

2k server really is a business operating system. unless you are running a large amount of information through a network in your home...I really see no advantage that win2kserver has over plain old vanilla win2k.

there is a cost difference in any of these operating systems if you buy an upgrade or the full version. my take on it is this: if you have any previous version of windows buy the upgrade. the upgrade is the full version of the operating system, but it requires another windows cd to use! ie., if you buy XP pro upgrade and you already own Win98, during the install of XP it will ask you to insert a cd from a previous version of windows. stick in your win98 cd and it will recognize that...allowing you to continue. so, to re-iterate...if you own any previous version of windows, buy the upgrade as it will save you money!

hope that helps with your question, and sorry if I got too carried away. ;)

ohhh...side note. all those comments about winxp having too many "pretty fx" that slow down your computer? all of these things can be turned off. so do not let that sway your opinion of which operating system you feel is right for you.
Yes, Seloce is correct but I here a message through internet which says that Microsoft is going to launch another minor update in their current range of OS that is the Win XP this OS has different updates such as the filesystem is going to be implemented with database, the user interfeace is going to be in 3D and ........ So i think it is better to wait for another 6 months.
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