Operating system quetion


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Hey guys,
I just have a quick question that i need to get confirmation on. As i am a frequent member on supraforums i did search but to no avail, unless i didnt use the right words for the search, so heres the question. I would like to run the new windows x64 pro, but id also like to keep my windows xp home installed on this computer too. I am pretty sure i can do this and have both OS's installed and just after the boot screen it will come up asking what os id like to run. but also if i were to run 2 os's on the same hard drive would it automatically copy all my documents or would i have to do this myself? Just would like to know if this would work..

Thanks guys


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How many hard drives do you have?

If you have 2, you can install the Windows X64 on the second hard drive so you wouldn't have problems