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I'm new to opera, I just downloaded it yesterday but I have a question. When I click the wheel in the mouse to scroll, it puts that cursor in the middle of the screen and I don't want that so how do I stop it from doing that? It kind of bugs me..... I love opera so far though, I like to have a lot of tabs open and firefox was using like 200MB memory for that and opera doesn't even use 60MB and it's really fast. Another question I have is how do I get rid of that little thing that tells me how many images on a page loaded? that's kind of annoying but not too bad...



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I did some major searching on this issue, and it seems no resolution is in site, for now. I have been wondering about this myself. If I find a solution, I'll post it here. Maybe someone can figure it out for us- I've been all through the options- no luck.