Opening programs and bookmarks by keystrokes?


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Is there a method or program that will allow you to enter in keystroke combos to open a specific shortcut to a program or website?
For instance, from the desktop or a non browser program, assigning ctrl+B to open the default browser, and once in the browser ctrl+Y will open Yahoo.
What would be really helpful would be if you could have a shortcut that would open a predefined group of programs or files and could then keystroke them.
Like when I want to edit the graphics of a mesh for a game, one desktop shortcut could open Photoshop, the pictures I have been working on within Photoshop, the software used to preview the saved graphic on the mesh, and my browser (because I usually reference photos and how-tos online while playing with my toys.)


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Right-click a shortcut you have and choose properties, and under "Shortcut key:" press whichever letter you want the shortcut to be. So if you do Q, then when you press Ctrl + Alt + Q, the program will open.

As for multiple programs with the same shortcut, I don't know if that's possible within Windows, you'll probably need some sort of third party software. One thing you could do though is make them for example Q, W, E, and R, so you just go across the line and it'll open all of them. As for the web address, make a shortcut to and do the same thing.