Opening a quarantined file

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I have several Microsoft word documents that were infected with a computer virus. Mcafee was unable to fix the files, and quarantined them. I sent them to McAfee to get cleaned. They are taking way too long, and I need what is in those files immediately. Does anyone know how I can get them opened, so that I can at least read them? Any help is greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me at:

Thank you very much.

Jeremiah J. Burton
hmm i use nav 2003 and whenever i get a virus it repairs them and lets me read\look at it but if u want save the file 2 a disk and open it on an old computer that u dont care about
I agree with A_Zip1, i use Nav 2003 as well and have done exactly the same to "see" the files at least,

but the other option I would agree with,, an old machine that you use to test with and load the files, get the info , and then blow it away and reinstall,,,
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