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I just dowloaded an Image Resizer Powertoy from Microsoft. (I've already been to Micosoft forums but have had no luck.) I now have the two Image Resizer files on my hard drive, an .msi file and a Setup .exe file. I've double clicked both and finished the Wizard install, but I can't find how to start the utility. It's not in my Start-Programs or my Accessories. It's just those two files, which I've right clicked on Open and Run, and it still won't start. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Im not too sure whats going on there? might be a corupt file or something. But if it's just a image resizer your after most image viewers have a resize/resample in them.
I use Infran view it can be downloaded from any freeware site and best of all it;s free.
But if your keen on fixing the problem with the one you have got, hang in there some one on this forum will know what to do.
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