Opening a .bin file... How?

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Well, Probably Ecniv will reply cause I see he helped another guy with a .bin and .cue problem for burning but I don't want to burn...I got this file "Sim City 4" CD1 and CD2 on my PC and their both Bin files! Now, I have lost my MSDos knowledge from way back when that Dos is what I played all my games I lost all the knowledge for dos to install a .bin right from there!

My Question...

How Can I Install These 2 Files? (CD1 and CD2) ... Do I need to use MSDos? If so...whats the Commands?

Little Info: WinISO Didn't Work :confused:
You need a .cue in order to burn these. Just make a text file in notepad that contains the following:

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

Make a separate one for each .bin replacing SC4CD1.BIN with the names of your .bin files. Save it as a .cue file, and use Nero or your favorite burning program to burn (in Nero go file>burn image, browse to the bin/cue files, and pick the one you want to burn)
Yea, but he said he didnt wanna burn.

You have one of 2 options to install it without burning. The first is to get ISObuster and extract the files from that.

But the on I would use is a program called Daemon Tools. Search for it on google, its a free download. Install it and it will let you mount that bin file as a Virtual CDrom drive.
thx for that Daemon program but one problem...Im installing the CD1 and then it asks for CD2 to be put in and sinse i dont have the have to open the one on my computer but i dont know how to open it while CD1 is still running from that program! :( :(
Just go to the daemon tools program, choose unmount all, and then mount CD2. Whala!
All worked installing it but 3 files were corrupt...probably the bin file itself and it can't run! All that hard work for nodda!
I hate when that happens.. I also hate when you are on IRC and someone says they have something and you DL it and its not what its suppose to be.
I installed the game I'm trying to play from the bin files i downloaded, but now I try to play it and a box pops up saying "Cannot locate the CD-ROM" "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart application. Any suggestions?
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