Open Office help


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I am useing Open Office 3.0 and win xp pro.

I had a Document I typed up in win xp Wordpad and I saved it as the Default Ritch Text Document.

Then I just got Open Office 3.0 and opened that save Document in it.

And it opened it as Two pages side by side and it split it into two halfes.

My gess is that it may have bean realy long.

So why does it not just open it as one page at the bottum of the other???

And can I get it to do this??


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Page layout settings would do it. Check your page layout settings to see if this will fix it.

I don't personally use OpenOffice, but I can tell you that MS Office usually has a setting that has side-by-side viewing for print preview.


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Under the Vue Tab is just Tool Bars and Customize.

And the Customize Tab is grayedot????????????????

I just whent through all the diferant settings for Open Office under the Options Tab and see nothing for Page Layout.

Please help???

OK this is what is going on.

If I open a Wordpad Document in Open Office it open it in Two Pages side by side.

Now if I go Fomat Tab then Page the window that opens is all for how the Page looks.
So I click on a dropdown list and Pick Just Left Side and the two hafs come one under the next just like I want.

But when I close Open Office and re open it and open the same document it opens as two pages again side by side.

How do I get Open Office to open everything as one page and just put the next page under it automacikliy?????????

I just whent back into Open Office and tryed to open the same Document and it cam up as two pages side by side.
And when I whent to Format Page and picked Left Side Only.....this time it had now efect on it.

What is going on???????????????