only google works!


Daemon Poster
Hi all,
i have a weired problem!
on my wifes PC which is connected to a router via ethernet, she can only get google to load up.
she can enter a search into google, and it will find the links to sites.
however when she attempts to open a link it will not open!
i have turned off firewalls which does not help.
i have started insafe mode with networking which does not help.
i have scaned for viruses and malware with nothing found.

i have two laptops connecting to the router and going on line with no problems.

i don't want to download firefox, so please don't come up with that old chestnut.

something is stopping me from opening the links!
i can ping the sites from the router and they respond.

any ideas?

thanks in advance.


Daemon Poster
Allready done that with no joy.

if you have had this problem as well, try this.

i uninstalled zonealarm (firewall), rather than turning it off and bingo, everything was fine.