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well i got one problem. i used wireless usb broadband internet. And what i wanted is i want my computer work as a server. such as i want i use my computer space for website and web hosting, live internet radio all over the world and handle my computer from far by using vnc, i mean i want to connect computer and mobile from far. so i shutdown or restart computer or do anything from my work or from any part of the world. i am capable to to connect iphone and computer and mobile and computer in lan, by wifi internet but lan has no meaning . i mean i want to connect via internet. from any part of the earth. live internet radio i was capable. but i did it by downloading the winamp plug ins and used third party free ip. now i am looking for the third party free ip through which i can connect my mobile and computer from any part of this earth. Can anybody give me that address which can give me free ip for the very remote connection.


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Wow, you'll need to work on this post if you want anyone to help you. I have no idea what you are saying.


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this not practically possible coz phone's can not run administration or hosting softwares so eventually u have to control ur stuff physically present on pc or laptop not by ur phone.


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What he wants to do is control another computer with his laptop from any part of the world. I made a thread here about doing that for myself, and since then I have gleaned enough info that I think I can do it if I try. What you need, dude, is a dynamic DNS service that will assign a static IP or a host name to your router that is connected to the computer you need to access, then you need to forward the LAN IP of that computer to a port on the router using its configuration utility. Then you can connect with a VNC client by entering the host name or IP you assigned to the router.
There is a free application called TeamViewer which is supposed to work great. It doesn't need any of the above, apparently, but you need to read up on it to get the complete details.