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hello everyone, i have an acer aspire 5100 with athros ar500g wireless adapter, over the last few weeks my laptop has been dropping the wireless signal lik eevery two min's and its driving me crazy.. i first thought maybe my old router was going bad so i went and got a new one and it didnt solve the problem, i also have an intell wireless card laying around so i opened up the back of the laptop and pluged it in, turned on the laptop and it quickly beeps and restarts over and over again, i thought maybe in the bios i could disable the onboard wireless but there isnt any settings for the wireless card in the bios....HELP PLS.....
thanx everyone
Dan B


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Hey! Have you checked with your wireless provider? It's possible that it could be your ISP, and not your laptop, that's the problem.


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no it wont be. well, if your getting disconnected from the network then its hardware. if your still connected and the internet is down then its either an isp or a modem/router problem.
just login to windows and disable the onboard wireless from there. you can have 2 wireless cards in at the same time anyway, shouldnt make a difference, just make sure the broken one isnt connected to a network so you can test it properly