onboard video problems


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Hello y'all.

I have an old (and admitedly crappy) motherboard in this dektop i sometimes use for school. The onboard video port for a monitor is dead, happened about a week ago. I know the rest of the board works fine, as I borrowed a video card out of another computer to test it. I can get a cheap a$$ video card, plug it into a PCI shot, problem solved, but im not sure. Do you think its just that problem, or is it very likely the whole board is about to go too? I dont want to spend too much money on a new motherboard if I can get a card instead, but I wouldnt want to have to get a new motherboard a few days after getting the PCI card...

What do you guys think?


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Wouldn't have thought it's overly likely the whole thing's about to go - might be worth stress testing it with a borrowed card to find out if anything's going to give up, but personally I'd say just go ahead and get a PCI card. They're really not that much money (you could probably get a used one on ebay for a few quid) and they come in handy for such situations anyway :)