onboard audio issues

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Hello. I've just replaced my old hard drive with a new 120GB, and I'm having a problem re-installing my onboard audio (C-Media 8738). The motherboard is a PC Chips M754LT, and I had no problems on my other HDD. When I run what seems to be a DOS based installation program, I get a message saying "Bus Master Error!". I'm not sure if this is any help in diagnosing my problem, but I hope it helps. Below is a few specs to help aswell.

Celeron 1.2ghz
320mb RAM
GeForce4 MX 440SE (NEC Multisync LCD 1545V)
Diamond Monster Fusion [Voodoo Banshee] (Magnitronic 14" CRT)

any advice on this matter will help, thanks.
I'm running '98, and the software is... setaudio.exe. I'll try removing all ALi drivers in my device manager.
no luck.

That didn't help, it still tells me the driver doesn't match my hardware, and to contact my vendor o_O
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