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:confused: Some teenagers used my development computer yesterday and now I have this lime-green on-screen volume display that won't go away. Using XP (Home) with various user logons. Also, there is this unusual decrescendo which happens immediately whenever the volume is adjusted up, taking the volume back down to zero. What is going on??? Control Panel does not appear to have the options I need. HELP!
You probably don't want to do this, but I'd probably get fed up, back up my stuff and format....
all I can say is that when using a sharewell computer, you must use programs to self keep it's context... here is a suggestion:
Name: Poledit
Target:(on windows cd):\tools\reskit\netadmin\poledit

enjoy, and sorry I can't really help.. it was just a 'knowledge' post :)
Cheers (B) m8..
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