OMG I'm so chuffed with myself


Ok, this is it, my 1st song I have BPM correct, I am learning / mastering how to do beats per minute, i mean, the bmp in a song, count it for 10 seconds, and x it by 6, which is beats per minute, once i got to understand that i just did it, counted a song and got two right songs that sound well, and look, this is it:

bacially all I did was did abit of the MID, you'll here it go lower and then go high on a few parts just where it kicks in a beat, anyway, listen to all the song but what is the most important part was where it changes song, tell me did i mix it will? beat it in correct?

please tell me if it sounds allright the way it comes on the next song, i did random stuff on the second one, where it goes in and out, ignore it, i was messing around, anyway here it is:

goto the bottom click save file to pc, its fast download.

04:30 a song starts comming on, 04:44 it changes, 04:53 i did the mid, and so on.

o i just love it, im well chuffed.

lol at 06:14 i got mega bored then

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you are all so so harsh to not even rate or even bother with it.

god, id do the same for someone else.

come on