Older Hdard Drive Prob


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ive got a 5 year old 30 gig hardrive that came with my Dell. I was able to run the 30 and my 120 together but gave the 30 to a friend. He gave it back and i was going to use the small as a large folder type thing. when i got it all hooked up and start windows it says that "there is a file missing so reinstall it" i put the XP disk in and it starts reinstalling windows onto both of them. all I want to do is use the 30 gig as a huge folder and i cant even install it so that it works, does anyone know how to solve this problem?


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never heard of tha before i have t say. make sure the 30gb HDD is set as slave. put it in another pc as slave and see what happens, and format it within windows.