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My monitor is ancient, but still works good as the day I bought it. Its not capable of lots, but I know its capable of more than this, because ive used it with a higher res before.
Heres my problem,

I jsut installed a GF4 Video card, nice new card, tons of support for high refreshes, high res's etc, but my monitor is old, and onyl works well in high resolutions if it uses "Interlaced" video.

I have no idea how to set this up, on my old computer that this monitor came with it was in my BIOS, but this new computers BIOS has nothing refresh related. In the past ive ran 1024X768 res with a 77hz Interlaced refresh, Ive also found 1024X768 will work at a refresh of 40 something, but the new video card I bought doesnt support this low of a refresh.

Is there anyway I can force my computer to use Interlaced video without buying anything, its right after x-mas and im tapped for cash.

I could always use the old video (non 3D 8mb's :( ) but im much rather keep the new card in. The video that came with this computer supported 1024X768 at the refresh rate of 40hz. My old computer (a pentium 1. 75mhz ARG) is the only computer ive ever seen that could use Interlaced video, and all the technicians ive asked have no idea what im talking about.

Please help :)
Hey Dan.

I'm 95% sure that there is a way to force various resolutions and frequencies. Sadly I do not have my computer in front of me (I'm at work) so I can't help you with specifics. Try this though.

start > control panel > display properties
top left tab "settings"
click the button "advanced settings"

somewhere in there may be the answer to your problem. The geForce detonator drivers typically include a nice GUI bios for your gfx card right tere.

someone else from the forum can probably give you a better answer, but for now I hope that helps.
yes the GF4 drivers I have installed do allow me to force resolutions, but they dont allow me to force the resolution I specifically need for my monitor :(
this is what ive done since I posted this.

I added my PCI Matrox Millenium Video card to my PC, its 4mb (grr) but allows the resolutions I need on one monitor, while I run my programs that need the extra boost on the other monitor. I think im loosing a bit of overall performance by runniung it like this, but its fine for now I guess, UNless anyone can tell me how to fix my original problem.

there should be an option somewhere in there that allows you to show all resolutions, not just supported ones.
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