old computer from '95, will coreboot run?


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i have a really old computer from '95 and i don't wanna throw it out, could i run coreboot on it?

i don't really know what type of computer it is, it's an hp/compaqu desktop

and it says:

intel '95

on the little chip in the center of the mainboard

i'm not THAT technical with computers yet still, but i'd consider my self intermediate..

right now the computer is running windows ME, but it does SUPER SLOW, and i can't use it for anything, it doesn't have enough ram for even a NES emulator to run.. so, it's a piece of crap, and i want it to run CRUX.. i don't really know what CRUX is exactly, but it looked like a cool simple linux distro that looked like it would run good on a super old computer

so could i run coreboot on it? i'm not sure if my computer is supported
and if i get coreboot on it, will i be able to install CRUX or another linux distro on it?

since it's such an old computer i can't boot through the CD drive, and i don't have any floppy discs, will corebook take care of this problem?

if coreboot does NOT work, how can i install CRUX without a floppy disc?