Okay, i need help.


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During my move i kind of messed up my HD. Today i finally got my replacement HD and had to install a OS. So i install my compy of WinXP Pro. Now after going through all the setups, and getting everything to work. I need to install the drivers for quite a few things one of which being my ethernet card. Im not able to surf the net to find the drivers. and my comp does not have a 3 1/2 floppy. Which now im thinkin should of been a good idea to get.

I have a dell D-5100 and don't really know what type of NIC is in it, but somehow i need to get the drivers. It does have a DUP modem, but i dont have a DUP service. lol Sooooo.. Now my thought about that is shot in the dark. Does anyone have any ideas how i can ge tthe driver for at least the NIC. Once im online i can fix the rest. Now i do have access to another comp however it is only reg WinXP if at all that helps. I appreciate the help.