Ok, need a little help


Baseband Member
We have 2 new computers coming next week. Can someone explain wether we should do one of the following or if it even makes any sense.

We are talking about putting these 2 computers and a DVR (security system) on the network. We talked about using another computer as a buffer between the 2 comps and the switch for the network. On the buffer we'd install PCAnywhere and run ehternet to a router and then from the router to the other 2 computers.

Is all this necessary? It almost sounds like to me we might should just run the 2 new computers to the switch and they'll still be accessible from home or wherever using the VPN. Are there any security issues with running straight to the switch.

One of the reasons we wanted to use the buffer is because we want to cut IT off at some point. We don't really want them involved in updating or managing the 2 new systems in anyway.

Hope this makes some sort of sense.