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To get everything to work I need to buy a new computer case.

Can anybody tell me how reliable they are when installing all your hardware onto them.

If I order a new computer case online, will I be able to transfer all the hardware from my Gateway to the new computer case?

I just need more expansion slots so I can put my graphics card in.

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The only thing is one case would have over another is fan size and air flow.

Pretty much any case will work, why what one are you looking at? Just remember you want a straight flow. Pulled in the front (and side if possible) and sucked out the back. Keeps constant flow and air is renewed to keep things cool.

Just need to control those wires ;)


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Honestly I just want any case that will work. I don't want some crappy white cheap looking case...but at the same time it doesnt have to be super advanced...perhaps around 30-50 bucks.

I just need something that will fit all the hardware found in a GateWay GT5082 model computer, with room for my new Radeon 1900XT Graphics card.

The computer I have houses the AMD Dual Core processors...im not sure if I need a particular tower for that or not...but also I need lots of expasion slots.


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i thought u got an HP, well i guess it doesn't matter

pretty much any case on newegg would be fine, it's to your preference. and if you're careful it should go in just fine.

just take the mobo outa the old one and screw it into the new case. then the hard drive and cd drive and anything else and plug everything together and it should be fine.

hopefully then ur gpu will fit?