Ok heres what I need!

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Monster Techie
I need 11 goood quality images. They have to represent tech forums in some way. You could make an image about the members have there names and avatars ect, It can be anything. and try and keep a technology/gaming theme going.

Please post your images here I want 11 by the new year I will pick the ones i like best and there will be a little suprise made out of them. Also I will be sending out 5 gifts to do with the images to the 5 members i think contributed to this the most.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
Chop, any size restrictions?

PS. I love the "»Obey Me»" in your title!!

Has to be at least 250x250 pixels or bigger.

I will let everyone know what its for later on. All I can say it wont work out unless we get atleast 11 images.

Also you have my permission to use any of the images on tech forums for this project.

Ok, here's what I came up with...

It's just kinda the people that usually post here on a somewhat consistent basis...

Also in line with the V3 style that i use....hope you like it:)


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Thanks þÄ®âÐÖx! I worked for quite a while on it...it's not perfect but it was 3 in the morning.
Thanks Dante! Yea, you're famous around here, I only chose 8 people whom i knew posted somewhat frequently...

And you're one of them! :D ;)
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