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I recently acquired a computer with the WinXP Professional o/s. I just have two accounts, admin and user (limited access). I installed Office XP using the complete installation option under admin. When I click on Word in the start menu, it launches without any problems in the admin account. When I try to do the same in the user account, windows installer launches to ‘install’ Word, but meets with an error in the setup files, stops to give some useless advice about help files in the Office 10 folder. Then when OK is clicked it goes on to launch Word. This process happens every time Word, or Excel etc is launched in the user account.

I donÂ’t fancy messing around installation files, if I can modify the userÂ’s rights to get Word to launch as it does in the admin account. IÂ’ve run gpedit, but canÂ’t see anything thatÂ’s relevant to my problem.

I would really appreciate some help with this.
I've already checked user accounts, there's very little you can change there, apart from passwords and pictures. If I can find the solution to my problem, I will be half-way to achieving spiritual happiness.
I have entered the inn of the seventh orgasm, by solving my own problem. It seems that with some programs like MS Office after installing in the admin account, you need to keep the CD in the drive, and open a user account. Then you need to launch the separate Office programs in turn, and windows installer completes its business, without failing as previously. You only need to keep the CD in the first time you run the Office programs in a user account. Other programs such as MS Publisher 2002, Photoshop do not need a CD when the respective programs are run for the first time in a user account. One other non-MS program that require a first time CD, IÂ’ve found is Paintshop Pro.

If only windows installer asked you to insert the installation CD, instead of pointing to an obscure help file in the Office 10, things would be so much more straight forward. But user friendliness is not what the evil empire is about.
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