Office Key Issue


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I have an issue finding a key off a machine that needs to be wiped clean. I need to recover the license key.

The problem is:

I cannot retrieve the key, I have tried multiple types of key recovery programs such as JellyBean KeyFinder, JSKeyfinder, and Belarc KeyFinder. These programs only show the Hardware/Software ID and not the official key.

I do not have the original documentation, nor did it come preinstalled.

Any assistance with this matter would be appreciated. Please post any reply questions if necessary.

P.S. This is Office 2000 Premium "supposedly" with 2 CD's

Tommy Boy

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Hmm.....the only way that I've seen to do it is by using a keyfinder program like you have tried.

The key is actually located in the registry but it's encrypted which is the reason you need a program to access it. It isn't actually listed somewhere in plain english. I'd say keep trying programs until you find one that works.